Célestine Eustis Essay Contest

Winner $500 Cash Prize
Reserve Winner $100 Cash Prize

Area students are invited to participate in the Hitchcock Woods Célestine Eustis Essay Contest.

The winner receives a cash prize of $500 and the Reserve winner a cash prize of $100. Winners are selected by September 1st and recognized at the Annual Festival of the Woods.

A panel of judges reviews all entries and selects recipients whose appreciation of the Woods is in the tradition of Célestine Eustis, who purchased land in the pine forests of Aiken more than 130 years ago. She had a passion for flora and fauna, and loved the serenity of the Woods.

Célestine’s niece was Louise Eustis (Mrs. Thomas Hitchcock). She helped to ensure that her family and future generations could enjoy what we know today as the Hitchcock Woods. (To read a biography of Célestine Eustis click here.)

Entry Rules

  1. Entries are accepted until June 30th.
  2. All entries must submit a signed entry form. (click here for the entry form).
  3. Entries may be mailed to P.O. Box 1702 Aiken, SC 29802 or e-mailed to info@hitchcockwoods.org with the Subject lineCélestine Eustis Contest Entry.
  4. The candidate/s must be under 21 years of age.
  5. Non-winning entries from previous years may be resubmitted.
  6. Essays may be typed or hand written and may be sent with photos or artwork.
  7. The judge panel’s majority vote will determine the recipient of the prizes.
  8. Winners will be notified by September 1st prior to the Festival of the Woods, and will be recognized at this event.

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