Board and Staff

Board of Trustees
As of March 2016

Greg Paschal

Greg Paschal was elected as Chairman at the Board’s Annual Meeting in March of 2016. As a Trustee, he has served on many committees for the Foundation and has been particularly active on the Finance and Forestry committees. Greg has a personal interest in the return of the longleaf pine ecosystem to the southeastern United States. He is also focused on ensuring the sustainability of the Hitchcock Woods Foundation for many generations to come.

Having grown up in Aiken, Greg has been in and around the Hitchcock Woods for most of his life. After graduating from the University of Georgia and serving in the U.S. Army, Greg and his wife Michele returned to Aiken in 1993. Since that time, he has served as a financial advisor in the Aiken community. A Certified Financial Planner® practitioner, Greg heads an advisory team for Wells Fargo Advisors, LLC and offers retirement and philanthropic planning along with investment services.

  • Lehr Brisbin, Ph.D.
  • Larry E. Byers
  • Courtney W. Conger
  • Patricia E. Corey
  • Nancy C. Francis
  • William M. Hitchcock
  • Anne B. Kiser
  • Lucy M. Knowles
  • Dana S. Massey
  • Linda Knox McLean
  • Sara E. McNeil
  • W. Greg Paschal
  • Harry E. Shealy, Jr., Ph.D.
  • Timothy W. Simmons
  • Randolph A. Wolcott
  • Sara S. Wood
  • Constance Darden Young


Christine K. Rolka
Executive Director

W. Bennett Tucker
Woods Superintendent

Christine M. Reichel
Financial Administrator

Eric J. Grande
Woods Resource Steward

Joanne C. Gunnell
Administrative and Communications Assistant

Susan M. Kilgo
Administrative Assistant

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