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Board of Trustees
As of March 2017

Pat Corey


Patricia E. Corey and her husband, Alan, moved to Aiken in 1985.  Both had family connections so had visited multiple times – Alan since he was a small child and Pat since late 1970s.  A large part of their experience with Aiken was their love of the Hitchcock Woods, so when they purchased a home, they chose one as close to the Woods as they could get.  After moving to Aiken, Pat became involved with civic activities.  She chaired the committee that was tasked with writing the Historic Preservation Ordinance for the City of Aiken.  Once it was adopted, she was appointed by the City of Aiken to the first Historic Preservation Commission where she also served as chair.  She eventually stepped down to join the Solicitor’s Office of the Second Judicial District of the State of South Carolina where she practiced as a Solicitor for a number of years.   Pat also practiced as a Guardian ad litem in Family Court and as the Deputy Solicitor for Aiken Public Safety prior to her retirement.  Pat became a trustee of the Hitchcock Woods Foundation in the mid 1990s and has been actively involved with the Foundation since.

  • Lehr Brisbin, Ph.D.
  • Larry E. Byers
  • Dr. Elizabeth Carey
  • Courtney W. Conger
  • Patricia E. Corey
  • Nancy C. Francis
  • William M. Hitchcock
  • Jane Hottensen
  • Anne B. Kiser
  • Lucy M. Knowles
  • Dana S. Massey
  • Linda Knox McLean
  • Sara E. McNeil
  • W. Greg Paschal
  • Joanna Dunn Samson
  • Harry E. Shealy, Jr., Ph.D.
  • Timothy W. Simmons
  • Randolph A. Wolcott
  • Sara S. Wood
  • Constance Darden Young

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