Visitor Guidelines



The Hitchcock Woods Foundation acknowledges the rich history and tradition of carriage driving in Hitchcock Woods and will uphold these traditions to the fullest extent possible. Carriage drivers should be aware of and sensitive to the Foundation’s financial needs and are encouraged to support the Hitchcock Woods Foundation.

Following are the guidelines for individual carriage drivers who ride in Hitchcock Woods:

  • Carriage drivers will honor guidelines in this section and all other guidelines and rules of etiquette in the Visitors Guide, as well as those in the Hitchcock Woods Foundation’s brochures and maps.
  • Follow instructions on all “yield” signage as described in this document.
  • Stay on wide paths for safety and for the protection of the environment.
  • Be responsible for awareness of special events and times not to enter the Woods (for example, Aiken Hounds hunts).
  • Carriage drivers will always be aware of and sensitive to current trail conditions.

Following are the guidelines for groups of three or more carriage drivers who ride in Hitchcock Woods:

  • Adhere to the guidelines above as well as to those below.
  • Register with Foundation office prior to a scheduled drive.
  • Driving clubs must provide special signage required to make other users aware of their presence in Woods. This signage must be placed two weeks prior to an event and must be removed immediately after the event. (If Hitchcock Woods Foundation staff members assist, the Hitchcock Woods Foundation will be compensated, plus direct costs.)
  • The designated route must keep to the wide paths and must be cleared with the superintendent.
  • Driving clubs must provide proof of specific liability insurance listing the Hitchcock Woods Foundation as additional insured for the time of the event. Proof must be provided prior to the event.
  • Driving clubs will hand out an educational presentation package to members, visitors, etc.
  • Carriages are advised to refrain from entering the Woods during posted hunt times.

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