Visitor Guidelines


  • Trash cans will not be placed at the entrances or parking areas for the Hitchcock Woods. Maintenance would be labor intensive and trash cans would attract nuisance pests such as insects and wild animals.
  • The spreading or dumping of yard trash and/or manure will not be permitted in the Hitchcock Woods. Piles of accumulated yard trash would be an eyesore and a fire hazard as well as environmentally unhealthy for the forest. This is of particular concern in the Aiken Estates, Foxchase and Houndslake North areas.
  • Notice will be given annually to adjacent landowners by way of written letter from the Hitchcock Woods Foundation to the Foxchase Home Owners’ Association for use in its newsletter or on a case by case basis to a specific party when a complaint is made to the Hitchcock Woods Foundation office.
  • Notices regarding this policy will be sent to local professional tree surgeons and landscapers.
  • Violators in severe cases are subject to prosecution and fines under County ordinance.

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