Visitor Guidelines


  • The game or sport of geocaching is permitted in the Hitchcock Woods under the following conditions.
  • When in the Hitchcock Woods, geocachers must honor all guidelines and practices outlined on
  • Geo-cachers also must honor the operating hours, all signage, and all guidelines in the Public Users Guide posted on the Hitchcock Woods Foundation website.
  • Geocaches may not be buried and may only be placed within two yards of a trail marked on the official map of the Hitchcock Woods.
  • No caches will be permitted in Sand River or in other areas considered environmentally sensitive.
  • Every geocache location must be approved in advance and in writing by the executive director of the Hitchcock Woods Foundation.
  • No caches may be located in an area that is designated as a candidate for a controlled burn in the same year.
  • There may not be more than three cache sites in the Hitchcock Woods at any given time.
  • The exterior of every cache must be marked with a waterproof note reading as follows: “This package has been placed here by participants of the game or sport of geocaching. Unless you are participating in this activity, please do not touch this package or move it from this location.”
  • The Hitchcock Woods Foundation reserves the right to retract this permission at its own discretion.

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