Pedestrians who use the Woods should be aware of and sensitive to the Foundation’s financial needs and are encouraged to support the Hitchcock Woods Foundation.

Following are the guidelines for pedestrians visiting the Woods:

  • Pedestrians will honor guidelines in this section and all other guidelines and rules of etiquette in the Visitors Guide, as well as those in the Hitchcock Woods Foundation’s brochures and maps.
  • Follow instructions on all “yield” signage as described in this document.
  • Be responsible for awareness of special events and their times.
  • Pedestrians must be aware of prohibited activities and uses of the Woods.
  • When encountering a horse, be aware of the following: Because horses have limited vision, they can become frightened very easily and can injure themselves as well as riders or pedestrians. When horses come into view, please remember:
    • Slow down and stop.
    • Stand in a visible place. Do not move off the trail.
    • Speak to the rider/s as you approach to make your presence known.
    • Do not touch the horses unless invited to do so.
    • Ask the rider when it is safe to pass.
    • Move away quietly and slowly.
  • Pedestrians with small children must remember that, to ensure everyone’s safety, children must be restrained when approaching horses or strange dogs.

Groups of pedestrians (more than 14 persons)

  • Groups must register with the Hitchcock Woods Foundation office at least 10 days in advance of the scheduled visit. Groups must indicate the entrance to be used and the general area/s that will be visited.

See guidelines for related topics / issues:
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