Polo Ponies

The Hitchcock Woods Foundation acknowledges the rich history and tradition of polo in Aiken and will uphold and honor these traditions to the fullest extent possible. Riders and trainers of polo ponies who use the Woods should be aware of and sensitive to the Foundation’s financial needs and are encouraged to support the Hitchcock Woods Foundation.

Following are the guidelines for riders and trainers of polo ponies visiting the Woods:

  • Riders and trainers will honor guidelines in this section and all other guidelines and rules of etiquette in the Visitors Guide, as well as those in the Hitchcock Woods Foundation’s brochures and maps.
  • Follow instructions on all “yield” signage as described in this document.
  • Stay on trails.
  • Riders are advised to wear hard hats when riding in the Woods.
  • Riders are responsible for awareness of prohibited activities.
  • Riders are advised to use identification for both the rider and the horse to assist in reuniting the two in the event that they become separated in the Woods.
  • Riders are encouraged to participate in volunteer opportunities (for example, Axe Club).
  • Be responsible for awareness of special events and times that sets of polo ponies should not enter the Woods (for example, Aiken Hounds hunts).
  • Tethering of ponies is discouraged.
  • No coupling or tying of horses together is permitted.
  • No mallets or balls are permitted in the Woods.
  • Limit to one rider with no more than three additional ponies.

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