Tea Cottage Policy

The Tea Cottage is the standard location for parties and any other location will require approval by the Board of Trustees.

  • All guests will honor guidelines in this section and all other guidelines and rules of etiquette in the Visitors Guide, as well as those in the Hitchcock Woods Foundation’s brochures and maps.
  • Follow instructions on all “yield” signage as described in this document.
  • The Hitchcock Woods Foundation will charge a fee for the use of the Tea Cottage area. This fee includes the charge for the presence of the forest manager and woodsman.
  • A woodsman and/or the forest manager must be present to oversee set-up, fires, and clean-up after the party. (A woodman and/or the forest manager will remain present and oversee safety during the event unless a board member is present for the duration of the event and is willing to accept responsibility.)
  • Proof of specific liability insurance (minimum of $1,000,000) with the Hitchcock Woods Foundation named as additional insured for the event must be provided to the Foundation staff prior to the event.
  • Renter will contact Aiken Department of Public Safety to arrange their presence and the presence of their fire truck during the event if a fire is used. (Officers receive time and 3/4.)
  • The Tea Cottage is part of a delicate ecosystem and the number of people for an event and the number of events held in the Woods may have to be limited by the Hitchcock Woods Foundation. The renter will provide the Foundation with a maximum number of guests prior to event.
  • Motor vehicles may be allowed to park in the Woods at the Tea Cottage site, depending on the number of vehicles expected and soil conditions at the time of the event.
  • Permission must be requested from the Hitchcock Woods Foundation for each separate activity or event by a group or an individual in advance of the scheduled date.
  • Renter will rent Portalets and will ensure that they are placed near the main trail, and that they are removed in a timely fashion.
  • Tents are permitted with prior approval only. The renter will handle all contacts and contracts for the rental of a tent.
  • The tent location must be approved by the Hitchcock Woods Foundation.
  • Gratuities for the Foundation’s Woods employees are encouraged.
  • Music is allowed, but is subject to local noise ordinances.
  • Renters must be aware that Hitchcock Woods is under the jurisdiction of local law enforcement.


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