Board of Trustees

Since the inception of the Hitchcock Woods Foundation, its Board of Trustees has been comprised of local citizens dedicated to protecting and preserving the Hitchcock Woods in a natural and historic state for the public. Collectively, the trustees have shouldered the tremendous responsibilities that come with the stewardship of the Woods.

As of March 2023


  • Joanna Samson


  • Mr. Robert Abernathy
  • Larry E. Byers,¬†Treasurer
  • Courtney W. Conger,¬†Secretary
  • Patricia E. Corey
  • Mr. Howard M. Hickey, Jr.
  • Jane Hottensen
  • Anne B. Kiser
  • Lucy M. Knowles
  • Dana S. Massey
  • Linda Knox McLean, Vice Chairman
  • Sara E. McNeil
  • Joanna Dunn Samson, , Chairman
  • Harry E. Shealy, Jr., Ph.D.
  • Timothy W. Simmons
  • Sara S. Wood

Trustees Emeriti:

  • Lehr Brisbin, Ph.D.
  • Iris W. Freeman
  • William M. Hitchcock
  • Gail B. King
  • Dacre C. Stoker
  • Sandra E. Tucker

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