Dog Walking

  • Dog walking in the Woods is permitted so long as the dog is controlled by leash or voice command and within sight of the owner at all times.
  • Dog owners must carry a leash at all times while walking their dog(s) in the Woods.
  • The Woods are home to a wide variety of wildlife, including predators such as hawks, owls, and coyotes. The best way to protect your dog from potential injury from other wildlife in the Woods is to keep your dog on a leash.
  • For the safety of dogs and riders, dog owners must constrain their dogs when a horse and rider pass by.
  • Any dog that is aggressive or presents a threat towards other dogs, people or horses is not permitted in the Woods, and the Foundation may ban aggressive dogs and/or their owners from the Woods.
  • In accordance with South Carolina law, vicious or dangerous dogs are not permitted in the Woods.
  • In accordance with South Carolina law, owners may be liable for injury or damage to person or property as a result of the behavior of their dogs.
  • Incidents involving aggressive dogs that result in dog bites or wounds to people or other animals must be reported to the Aiken Animal Control.

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