Hours, Entrances and Parking

Hitchcock Woods has seven formal entrances. Three entrances are on Dibble Road: near the railroad crossing, across from Rhone Street, and at the Stable on the Woods. The other four entrances are located at the ends of South Boundary Avenue SW, Coker Spring Road, Berrie Road, and Clark Road.

The respective emergency 911 addresses for the entrances (not for mailing purposes) are as follows.

  1. 1700 Dibble Rd Aiken, SC 29801 (Rabbit Valley/near Railroad Crossing)
  2. 1770 Dibble Rd Aiken SC 29801 (Tea Cottage/across from Rhone Street)
  3. 263 Rubins Cottage Ln Aiken SC 29801 (Stable on the Woods, off of Dibble Rd.)
  4. 444 South Boundary Ave SW Aiken SC 29801
  5. 670 Coker Spring Rd SW Aiken SC 29801 *
  6. 540 Berrie Rd SW Aiken SC 29801 *
  7. 1120 Clark Rd SW Aiken SC 29801 *

* NO TRAILERS! Limited parking for small vehicles.

Parking for horse trailers is available at the 263 Rubins Cottage Ln entrance, (Stable on the Woods off of Dibble Rd), and limited trailer parking along side the Aiken County Historical Museum wall is available on South Boundary Ave SW (South Boundary Ave SW entrance).

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