Equestrian Use

The Foundation acknowledges the rich history and tradition of equestrian use in the Woods, which provides a unique and unparalleled opportunity in an urban setting to ride your horse over natural terrain.

  • Equestrians must be in complete control of their horses at all times.
  • Please ride only on the existing trails. Be sensitive to current trail conditions to avoid damage to the trails and find alternate routes when necessary.
  • Carriage drivers are welcome but should remain on the main, wide trails and yield to horse and riders at all times.
  • Polo playing in the Woods is prohibited, as are coupling horses or ponying strings of horses.
  • For the safety of all riders, please be polite and considerate to other riders in the Woods. When other riders approach, please stop or walk your horse until the riders have passed.
  • The Foundation recommends that all riders wear protective head gear.
  • Any group of riders in excess of ten (10) must notify the Foundation office in advance (803) 642-0528.

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