Welcome to Hitchcock Woods

Hitchcock Woods in Aiken, South Carolina, is among the largest urban forests in the nation, with about 2,100 acres of forestland resources. Once owned and enjoyed by Louise and Thomas Hitchcock, this longleaf pine forest has retained its natural character and cultural heritage.

Today, equestrians, hikers, dog walkers, and joggers enjoy the 70 miles of sandy trails that provide access to the stunning variety of ecosystems in the Hitchcock Woods.

Preserving a Legacy

The Hitchcock Woods Foundation
honors the legacy and traditions of the
famed equestrians and philanthropists
Louise and Thomas Hitchcock.

Hours / Admission

Hitchcock Woods is open to the public, on horseback or on foot, from dawn to dusk 365 days a year. Admission is free of charge, thanks to donor support.

Those who wish to help preserve this natural treasure can start by investing in the Foundation to show your commitment to our mission.

History of Hitchcock Woods


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Mission and Vision


The mission of the Hitchcock Woods Foundation is to:

  • protect and preserve the Hitchcock Woods in a natural and ecologically healthy state,
  • maintain and manage historic and traditional equestrian and pedestrian uses, and
  • foster education and research on the history and resources of the Woods.


The vision of the Hitchcock Woods Foundation is to maintain and restore the ecological integrity of the Hitchcock Woods and to serve as a model for sustainable urban forestry, balancing stewardship of forestland natural resources with compatible human uses.

Places to Stay

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Directions and Parking

Hitchcock Woods has seven formal entrances. Three entrances are on Dibble Road: near the railroad crossing, across from Rhone Street, and at the Stable on the Woods. The other four entrances are located at the ends of South Boundary Avenue SW, Coker Spring Road, Berrie Road, and Clark Road.

The respective emergency 911 addresses for the entrances (not for mailing purposes) are as follows.

  1. 1700 Dibble Road
  2. 1770 Dibble Road
  3. 2180 Dibble Road
  4. 430 South Boundary Avenue SW
  5. 670 Coker Spring Road (local equestrian and pedestrian access only, no parking)
  6. 540 Berrie Road
  7. 1120 Clark Road

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