All equestrians who use the jumps in Hitchcock Woods must adhere to all of the guidelines listed in the equestrian section as well as those that follow:

  • Equestrian jumping in the Hitchcock Woods will be undertaken at the sole risk of the rider and the Hitchcock Woods Foundation will not be liable for injuries or accidents sustained during such activities. (Horsemen’s Act Signs)
  • The Hitchcock Woods Foundation recommends that riders do not engage in jumping when riding alone.
  • Gaylard’s Fences and Crawford’s Fences are maintained as schooling areas only and are not arranged jumper courses.
  • Riders will replace fallen jump rails and report broken rails to the office as soon as possible.
  • Adjustment of jumps other than by Hitchcock Woods Foundation staff is strictly prohibited.

Please refer to page 136, Section 3d, of the Foundation’s Conservation Easement

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