The Hitchcock Woods Foundation attempts to offer diverse volunteer activities in order to appeal to a broad spectrum of users who are interested in supporting the important work the Hitchcock Woods Foundation.

  • Volunteers will honor guidelines in this section and all other guidelines and rules of etiquette in the Visitors Guide, as well as those in the Hitchcock Woods Foundation’s brochures and maps.
  • The Hitchcock Woods Foundation has a volunteer group called the Axe Club that meets on a regular basis during winter months to work on trails, jumps, etc.
  • Volunteers assist with preparation for Aiken Horse Show as well as preparing jumps for hunt season.
  • The Hitchcock Woods Foundation acknowledges the importance of educating youth to be future stewards of the environment and the Woods. Therefore, the Hitchcock Woods Foundation encourages youth to volunteer for the Hitchcock Woods Foundation to fulfill community service requirements that pertain to a school curriculum.
  • Woods Watch Volunteers is an internal network for use in an emergency in the Woods. Woods Watch Volunteers are neighbors, frequent users, equestrians, stable owners, and others. The Woods Watch Volunteer list is updated every other year. A laminated list of phone numbers and emergency procedures is sent to every Woods Watch Volunteers member.

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