What We Do

Hitchcock Woods is privately owned and managed by the Hitchcock Woods Foundation, a 501 (c) (3) charitable nonprofit, funded by donor support. The Hitchcock Woods Foundation is solely responsible for the ecological stewardship of the Woods and the physical maintenance of its recreational features. The Foundation was established by the Hitchcock family in 1939 to protect and maintain the Woods for the enjoyment and recreational use of the Aiken community and is committed to this cause in perpetuity.

Mission and Vision


To protect and preserve the Hitchcock Woods in a natural and ecologically healthy state, maintain and manage historic and traditional equestrian and pedestrian uses, and foster education and research on the history and resources of the Woods.


To maintain and restore the ecological integrity of the Hitchcock Woods and to serve as a model for sustainable urban forestry, balancing stewardship of forestland natural resources with compatible human uses.

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